About us

Clothes Lab Factory Thailand Story

Clothes Lab Factory Thailand is a group of European professionals specialized in creative arts with years of experience in Europe. Our team has a common passion in textile and fabric design. Which led us to establish Clothes Lab until today.

We translate our expertise and passion into the most trusted clothes manufacture in Thailand under our management and Thai’s fabric manufacturing experts.

We take pride in our products and customer services, the results of an amazing combination between western managements and Thai manufacturing skills. We work relentlessly to provide the perfect clothes design customized for YOU using only the best materials available to us.

With our cutting-edge machinaries and skilled workers, your satisfaction is gaurantee working with us. Despite our works being well recognized and appreciated by our clients, we never stop to improve our business operations, products, customer services, and people. We aim to be the best of the world-class clothes manufacturer by delivering above and beyond customer satisfaction as well as continuing to improve our stardards of clothing solutions.

That brings Clothes Lab today, being the most trusted clothes factory in Thailand.

Core Value

Satisfaction: For us is the beginning of our business relationship. With sactifaction, we build the trusted relationship with our clients. This motivates us to bring Clothes Lab to a higher standards and provide the best product and service our customers deserve.